Patients who need to undergo surgery may choose to be treated as private patients, privately uninsured patients, or as public patients.

Surgery- Private patients

Private patients can choose to be admitted to either of the following:

North Shore Private Hospital

As a private patient at North Shore Private you have the reassurance of having your operation performed by Dr Horsley and his team of highly trained and experienced anaesthetists, orthopaedic assistants and nurses. Dr Horsley and his team have worked together for almost 20 years.

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPAH)

The hospital is recognised as a world leader in healthcare excellence and innovation, and as a leading medical teaching hospital. Dr Horsley is the head of the Orthopaedic Department at RPAH. As a private patient Dr Horsley will be performing your surgery..

The Institute of Rheumatology and Orthopaedics (IRO) at RPAH

The IRO is one of the largest joint replacement units in Australia. It is where most orthopaedic elective surgeries are performed if you choose to have surgery at RPAH. Dr Horsley is the chairman of the clinical committee of the IRO. Dr Horsley will perform your surgery if you choose to be admitted as a private patient.

Surgical fees for private patients. Accommodation, hospital expenses and prosthesis are usually covered by your health insurance, depending on your level of cover and other factors. Once surgery has been decided, patients contact their health fund to confirm their level of cover.
Surgical and anaesthetist's fees are covered by a combination of Medicare and private health fund rebates, and a patient contribution. For further information please ring reception on 02 9516 2133 or email us: info@Dr Horsley

Surgery- Private self insured patients

Patients who do not have private health insurance, but wish the surgery to be performed by Dr Horsley, may choose to be admitted as a Private Self Insured (PSI) patient. Patients also enjoy the benefits of private accommodation if available at time of admission.

Surgical fees for private self-insured patients. While there is a fee associated with PSI admission, patients receive a considerable portion back from Medicare. For further information please ring reception on 02 9516 2133 or email us: info@Dr Horsley